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Landing Page for SaaS: Dial My Calls (Built with Unbounce)

Project description

Hi there!

We’re excited to share our recent accomplishment – a meticulously designed and developed landing page for a SaaS product, specifically tailored to meet the needs of DialMyCall’s ‘Mass Texting Made Easy’ campaign. This dynamic landing page is designed to enhance communication efficiency by leveraging DialMyCall’s cutting-edge automated texting platform, allowing users to effortlessly send text, voice, and email broadcasts to thousands at once.

Our streamlined process involved creating the UI design in Figma and collaborating with DialMyCall for approval. Once given the green light, we seamlessly converted the design into a fully functional Unbounce page.

Explore the Figma Design here: 👉 Link

Visit the Unbounce Page here: 👉 Link

We’re thrilled to showcase these successes and eagerly invite you to discuss how we can achieve similar outstanding results for your projects too! 🚀



Estimate Date

Sep - Oct, 2023


Team Grooic


Team Grooic


SaaS, Technology


Figma, Unbounce

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Client Review:

David, Founder & CEO - OTT

“I'm really impressed with Grooic! They did an awesome job on our project, way better than I expected. The team did everything perfectly, and the results are fantastic!”

5.00 ratings
David, Founder & CEO - OTT

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